Exemplary reference projects

Initial Situation

Law change: termination of a product line of dialysis machines, Transfer to the next generation


Clever communication, maximizing phase out strategy based on a 3 steps campaign


Tripling of sales within 2 years, strengthening of a positive image

2. Attempt: Development of a laser system for ophthalmological applications, despite 1. attempt created strong negative image within the company

In-depht analysis, change of the mindset, integration of critics and key customers, structured transparent transparente project management

Market share 18% after the 1. year of market introduction

Susceptible to failure ultrasound endoscope, lost more and more its good reputation despite its uniqueness, cost and service overload

Fact checking, cause analysis, innovative approach tackles the actual cause: prevention measures with additional customer benefit

Rapid and effective strategy, resulted in positive feedback and recommendation marketing, increase in sales

Launch of a new diagnosis solution in endoscopy: video capsule endoscopy

Capture the market, lobbying in politcs, convince key customers and influencers, generate awareness generieren, comprehensive marketing strategy

Corresponding market niche was found and occupied, new method revolutionized diagnosis of the small intestine

Europe-wide product launch for a niche product for medical therapy

Europe-wide examination of key customer needs, identification of influencers and multiplicators, interdisciplinary project management, 4p-marketing strategy development, roll-out, stringent implementation, monitoring

Successful and accepted branding, continuous increase of visibility: after 3 years 80/90% market penetration, became bestseller for that particular niche treatment.

Companies in which I have contributed to over the years