How it all started

About 25 years ago … I loved close customer and market relationships, as well as advising customers and the technical aspects of my work as an optician. Although initially I strived towards furthering my career in this field, I decided to pursue an academic path and studied precision engineering with a focus on technical optics. I wanted to learn about optical devices and instruments. Although the course proved interesting, it did not entirely suit me as I missed the relationships with customers and the market. At the same time, I discovered my passion for medical technology. My direction has been clear from that point onwards. I wanted to pursue what is important to me and I decided to put this into practice by achieving a postgraduate degree in business engineering. And so I fulfilled my desire to combine marketing, product management and key account management with medical technology and technical optics. In the following 25 years I held senior management positions in well-known companies such as Rodenstock, Olympus Europe GmbH, Coherent, Gambro Hospal GmbH. The development project of a new laser for the correction of vision defects showed me the importance of being right on the pulse of the market. It has always been fascinating to me to understand customer needs, consolidate information, develop innovative ideas and convert all these aspects into a successful product, in spite of challenges. I love unconventional solutions. As an example, , I planned a fashion show that showcased elaborate garments made from medical consumables. as part of an image improvement strategy.

As a freelancer, I offer my ideas and skills to technology companies. As such, I can provide solutions that pave the way for your product to the market through successful commercialisation. Starting my own business, I realised my dream to share my knowledge and expertise with other people. I find working with interdisciplinary teams exciting, which inspires me over and over again.

10 facts about me

  1. I enjoy achieving a lot through simple approaches.
  2. I am pragmatic, analytical, structured, thorough, flexible and creative.
  3. I think outside the box. I am interested in a lot of things. I am curious and get to the bottom of things.
  4. I can truly say: Strategy is not everything, but without strategy everything is nothing.
  5. I am a good teacher because I am patient and able to explain things simply
  6. I like to tick off my tasks for the day.
  7. I am bilingual (English / German), I can also speak a little Italian and French.
  8. I get my best ideas cycling, swimming or showering
  9. I believe that it is important to set aside old ideas and welcome new thoughts and aspects.
  10. I occasionally hate my laptop, if it does it does not work they way I like it to. I love cookies. That is why I keep them out of reach and I like green tea – with ginger.