A good product itself does not guarantee success. Isolated marketing activities do not achieve this, either.

Economic success requires more than this.

Service offerings for medical technology and optical companies

Product development

Think big and develop custom made

Your product has to meet your customers’ requirements. It has to establish an emotional bond between your customer and your company. Ideally, you differentiate your product with a service or an add-on which your customer appreciates and which he cannot get elsewhere. This assumes that you a) know your target customer b) understand your customer’s needs. And c) to be able to develop, produce and offer exactly what your customer requires from your company. | more

Market development

Penetrate existing and new markets

Which markets are suitable for your product? Are there any other areas where your product is applicable? Does your product provide a benefit that you can offer in other areas? This is perfect: A new market has been found. But – what will be your next steps? Which opportunities and risks are linked to this? Ultimately, the only thing that matters, is who buys your product and where can you find this customer. This is exactly where you have to be in order to be successful. | more


Relating branding to your company philosophy

Products do not need marketing gags, but they do require a suitable branding concept. Make your life easy by ensuring that your customers know and appreciate your products and that they can relate the product or service to your company. What you need is a decision and a binding commitment on which you can build your inhouse and customer communication. | more

Product management

Guiding the success of a product

Inappropriate decisions, changes and upheavals influence the life cycle of a product. A good product has to be managed and promoted in order to successfully manage the up’s and down’s during a product life cycle. To use an analogy: The company’s CEO represents the captain of this ship and the ship is steered by means of product management. The experienced helmsman is aware of the risks and challenges. He knows how to avoid them and to overcome them. He knows the paths towards getting there faster and takes advantage of circumstances. Thus, he successfully directs the product portfolio according to the business strategy against all impasses. And in the end he wins the race as market leader. | more

Process optimization

Bringing together spirit and energy and optimizing processes

Restructuring, merging of departments, workflow changes, transfer of responsibilities, influence the effectiveness of processes. New products often require a new workflow. This can hinder or slow down processes, increase costs significantly and instill dissatisfaction in employees, customer and distributors.
Be clever by optimizing all aspects of your processes and thus, efficiently responding to the challenges of ever-increasing demands. | more

„The only source of knowledge is experience.“

Albert Einstein